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Amrutya infra projects Solutions, one among the Rajasthan’s premier retail leasing advisory companies; is serving large scale retail brands, shopping malls and other institutions to ensure a fast profitability. Our team comprises of experienced and well qualified industry experts who ensure the acquisition of the best location or retail at cost-effective rates. We already have delivered the best brand expansion and retail space leasing services to our clients. We have dealt with the top brands that needed excellent retail spaces for expansion in the big retail properties in Northern India. As corporate leasing firm we search commercial properties to service brands, there are several key services we know that are typically expected. These services help ensure a smooth and successful leasing process. We understand when top retail chain brands search for a commercial property for their operations, they have specific expectations from a leasing agency. These expectations often include a range of services tailored to their unique requirements and industry demands. Here are some of the best services that we offer to top retail chain brands

Tailored solutions for expending your Retail presence:

Our team understands the need of a brand well as they evaluate each and everything needed for its success. We do complete analysis of business and suggest a location which ensures early return the investment. With wide experience of retail property leasing and acquisition, our team we assist clients in selecting the location that suits to their business perfectly and ensures the best return on investments.

We offer a bunch of services at cost-effective prices. We join businesses right from the beginning and assist in identifying market opportunities after analysing the market data and current trends. Then we proceed to retail site selection and acquisition. We consider each and everything needed for a brand’s fast growth. Moreover, we are committed to making our clients’ retail space acquisition process smooth and offering services like location selection, leasing assistance, contract execution and negotiations, etc. We have the best retail locations in leading shopping malls for fashion stores, electronics, automobiles, QSR restaurants, footwear, fitness, restro-bars, cinemas, banks, leading coachings, jewellery outlets, super markets and more.

By virtue of our wide spread spectrum of services for funding & Joint ventures whereby we not only keep close eye on their crucial resources like funds and land reserves but help them procure too we are better positioned for ensuring unhindered timely development of standalone commercial spaces and bigger malls. The brand leasing services can broadly be divided in to two parts , the first being all sized spaces for anchor and vanilla stores in a mall or stand alone property entire across Rajsthan, the capital Jaipur being main focused and the second being large sized warehouses in all directions of the state.

  1. Property Research and Selection: We have a comprehensive understanding of the service brand’s requirements and preferences. We conduct thorough research to identify suitable commercial properties that meet the brand’s needs in terms of location, size, amenities, zoning regulations, and other specific requirements.
  2. Site Selection and Property Evaluation : Assist retail chain brands in identifying potential commercial properties suitable for their operations. This involves evaluating properties for factors such as size, layout, parking availability, infrastructure, and compliance with zoning and regulatory requirements.
  3. Market Research and Location Analysis: We conduct extensive market research to identify prime retail locations that align with the brand’s target market, customer demographics, and competition. We provide in-depth location analysis, including foot traffic, surrounding businesses, accessibility, and visibility to help retail brands make informed decisions.
  4. Comprehensive viability checks and Trends: A reputable leasing agency we provide retail brands with up-to-date market insights and trends. This includes information on consumer behavior, retail industry developments, emerging markets, and opportunities for expansion or relocation. These insights can help retail brands make strategic decisions.
  5. Property Tours and Inspections: We arrange property tours and inspections for service brands to view the available commercial properties. This includes providing detailed information about the property’s features, condition, and potential for customization or renovations.
  6. Store Design and Layout Assistance: Retail brands often require assistance in designing the store layout and optimizing the use of space. As leasing a firm we can collaborate with architects and contractors to ensure the property’s design and layout align with the brand’s visual merchandising strategy, customer flow and operational requirements.
  7. Market Analysis and Negotiation: As reputable leasing agency we have a strong grasp of the local commercial real estate market. We provide service brands with market analysis, including rental rates, lease terms, and relevant market trends. Additionally, we negotiate lease terms and conditions on behalf of the service brand to ensure a fair and favorable agreement.
  8. Lease Negotiation and Tenant Improvement Allowances: Living up to the expectations of top retail chain brands we negotiate favorable lease terms keeping in view all due diligence on their behalf. This includes securing competitive rental rates, flexible lease durations, and tenant improvement allowances for customization and branding purposes. We have expertise in lease negotiations specific to retail properties.
  9. Lease Documentation and Legal Support: We assist in preparing all necessary lease documentation and provide legal support throughout the leasing process. This includes drafting or reviewing lease agreements, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and addressing any legal concerns or contingencies.
  10. Project Management and Coordination: When retail brands are ready to lease a commercial property we assist in coordinating the necessary activities. This may involve project management, including timelines (Time bound possession) permits & licenses (all necessary statuary compliances i.e OC, Fire NOC) and coordination with contractors for customized structure designs if it is a new construction, ensure installation of HVAC, elevators, lifts and cap-ex, suppliers and utility providers to ensure a smooth transition and store opening.
  11. Tenant Representation: For service brands searching for commercial properties, we act as their advocate and representative. We liaise with property owners or landlords, coordinate lease negotiations, and handle any communication or disputes that may arise.
  12. Financial Analysis and Budgeting: We provide financial analysis and assistance to service brands, helping them evaluate the affordability and feasibility of different commercial properties. This may include assessing operating costs, lease incentives and potential return on investment.
  13. Ongoing Support and Lessee Relationship Management: Even after the lease is signed, as a good leasing agency we keep providing ongoing support and relationship management. We remain available to address any issues or concerns that arise during the lease term and facilitate communication between the service brand and the property owner or landlord. We continue to provide support to retail chain brands throughout the lease term. This includes addressing any maintenance or operational issues that arise, facilitating communication between the two/ all stake holders of the lease deed and assisting them with lease renewals or expansions.

Overall, as well-known leasing agencies we prioritize the needs and objectives of service brands, offering them wide array of comprehensive services that encompass property research, negotiation, legal support, financial analysis, and ongoing assistance. By providing these services, leasing agencies can help service brands find suitable commercial properties for their operations and establish successful leasing arrangements. In a way we become a strategic partner, guiding retail brands through the leasing process and supporting their ongoing success in the chosen locations.

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